Camel – Trekking

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On March 7th, we set off a trek with camels in a valley of the Jebel Bani. To avoid the midday heat we started in the late afternoon. After loading up the camels, our little caravan left the village heading west the Hamada in a wonderful vale.



The trail was quite rocky in this Hamada of the Jebel Bani mountains and we had to cross some hills and dales but we tramped behind our guides with their camels as nomads have done at any time: in a slow movement pattern, quietly in the expanse of this landscape, plain and simple but particularly impressive and we were always very near to Nature.

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After some hours with many wonderful moments at dusk we reached a river bed with obviously flowing water but the water was only a finely ground stone.



The evening meal was well prepared and eating in common at the campfire was very agreeable. And later, when settling down to sleep in our sleeping bags beneath the star filled sky we enjoyed the falling night on the surrounding hills and listened to the almost forgotten sounds of Nature which goes to sleep as well: still some chirping birds, rustling leaves, buzzing sounds of the camels and always something you can’t identify….