On March 5th, I met Hafid in Zagora. Via a common contact person I got in touch with him and we arranged a meeting in order to discuss my intentions to go to his village Tafraout. It didn’t take a long time and we agreed to drive togehther to the valley. He showed me some houses there and introduced me to the inhabitants. So I got a first impression of the way of life of Berber tribes. Finally we went to my host family where I was supposed to stay for the next few days.


There I was warmly welcomed…..

and the next days I would see that it was the best idea to arrange a home-stay in this village.

Choosing this option was absolutely fantastic because not only did I see a wonderful landscape and a remarkable part of Morocco, but I also saw how the locals truly lived. The family I was placed with were some of the kindest people although they – normally – did not speak one word of English. However, through some sign language and smiling they were some of the most generous hosts I have encountered.


The next morning Hafid gave me a tour of the scattered lying houses in your valley. This once again let me approach the local people with whom I could talk about their everyday life and see how they manage their home life with all the work in house and field. So I have found out many authentic experiences such as the meals jointly with the host-family, the visit in the school including discussions with teachers and pupils taking notice of the their many difficulties concerning teacher’s availability, equipment and building fabric. Equally I was shown how the women produce dry goods and jewelry. In the afternoon I participated in an excursion to a new plantation where questions of sowing and irrigation were discussed.

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And in the meantime, between the several activities, always hours of waiting – and drinking tea together. But waiting there is not a irritating thing, useless or idle as we know it. In these communities waiting is pleasant, come to silence, exchange stories and experiences celebrating the ceremony consisting of tea preparation.


In the evening, when other guests were come back from a camel trek, a great diner was prepared and we have eaten and had a good time for hours. Late in the night I took some people with my car back to their houses.

See also this clip on Youtube :  Morocco 2014

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